we are awesome at what we do for our clients with creativity, passion, and energy. Simply creating content that has value with the best turnaround time.

who are we?

Pixelwave is an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in content creation for both online and offline media. We create social media content through photography, video, graphic design, motion graphics, branding, campaigns, and account management. We also have an in-house production team that does documentaries, corporate videos, digital video commercials and commercial photography. We have worked with over 40 clients from different industries. Our team comes with 8 years plus experience with background in marketing, corporate communications, pr, graphic design, animation, and creative content.

video production

We tell stories for your brand on the screens. When it comes to video production, clients trust our work as we have been providing our clients with the service for almost 5 years now.


Whether its architecture or interior design, product, food, corporate, or commercial photography, we do it all in-house with our team with more than 10 years experience in the field of photography and editing.


we create brand identity, logo, stationary, a brand strategy that helps you reach your audience In the most appropriate way.

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