video production

the key to great ideas is not just having them, it is executing them.

we tell stories for your brand on the screens. When it comes to video production, clients trust our work as we have been providing our clients with the service for almost 5 years now. The service includes planning, creative concept, budgeting, scouting, casting, script writing, storyboarding, crew selection, filming, and post production.

we go into fine details and create stories that help us connection with audiences through emotions.

oh, by the way!
clunky Ads with poor image that damage brand, is not the way we do at PixelWave.

our work in video production

Rawdatain - Sound Design Project & Logo Reveal

Boubyan HR

Warba Bank TVC

Boubyan HR

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Aegeus - Cut Two

Acico ramadan - ad 2022

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geely kuwait

my fatoorah

a story of an entreprenuer

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